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Exposure To Living Songs

1. Exposure To Living
2. Somewhere To Play
3. Drinking Song
4. Big Trucks
5. Little Sister
6. Sweet As Honey
7. Suffer
8. People, Places and Things
9. Eye To Eye
10. The Sun Is Blue
11. Marjorie

This album came out in the year 2000 on the Go-Kustom label and comprises the musicians Mark Wolford on Drums, Brad Purkey on Bass, Rob Mitchell on Keys and Amy Denio on sax (on Big Trucks) Garry Transue on Vocals (on Marjorie, he also is credited as the songwriter for Big Trucks and had a large part in the writing of Marjorie).     Other songs on the record are, for the most part, solo productions. All songs were mixed and produced by Bill Wolford with aditional recording engineering by Brad Purkey.


Bill Wolford's Head - Exposure To Living review from BABY SUE

(CD, Go-Kustom, Eclectic pop/rock/folk)

Hard to describe or pinpoint. The first tune ("Exposure To Living") had us thinking that Bill Wolford was very much like another Daniel Johnston. But by the time the second tune ("Somewhere To Play") rolled by, we began to think his sound was more similar to John Lennon. A few songs later we gave up trying to come up with comparisons and just started enjoying this odd fellow's unpredictable style. Every time you think you have Mr. Wolford figured out, he comes from another direction completely. Amazingly, the album holds together well despite the slightly schizophrenic differences of the tunes. Other offbeat ditties that we dig: "Big Trucks," "Sweet As Honey," "The Sun Is Blue." Wait, wait, wait!!! We just came up with a good comparison for this guy. His approach reminds us very much of one of our favorite new artists of the past couple of years...Ivan Klipstein (!). (Rating: 4+)

Bill Wolford's Head: Exposure To Living
(GKR 010-2, Go-Kustom- Vividsound)

If the implication of the author's name on this CD is that this recording is a head trip, it's accurate. Bill's voice sounds like a hybrid of Dylan's and Lou Reed's, and he offers closely-observed, finely-detailed portraits of offbeat behavior, with a wry sympathy for his characters and a refreshing contempt for exact rhyme. The consistent theme is of alienation and inability to communicate, but that doesn't make for depressing listening. There's plenty of humor and lots of variation in style, from the echo-ey "Somewhere To Play (reminiscent of both the Beatles, "Day In The Life and Creedence swamp rock), to the honky-tonk piano of "Suffer, to the hypnotic, high-energy "Big Trucks, with its sound effects and two sax lines (this one had me spontaneously hallucinating a laser-light show), to the razor-edge slide guitar work of "Sweet As Honey. For the savvy listener with a skewed sense of humor. - (Suzanne Sebastian)

Bill Wolford's Head

"HEAD takes you on the journey of a struggling artist searching for success, happiness and peace while facing pressures of the outside world, frustration and fits of depression: An abstract, psychedelic overture... roots rock/blues... humorous Jazz Muzik... ambient energy-driven... highly-structured progressive rock... Just when you think it has all become too serious the journey takes a left turn into the evils of drink and drugs and then slowly comes to a close with the dark humor of songs about the end of the world and chickens, leaving you happily with questions about what it was that you just experienced, and begging for another listen!"

Bill Wolford: Musician, composer, audio engineer, sound designer and producer has been involved in some sort of sound manipulation since he was 8 years old when he interpreted thunderstorms on the piano and religiously toyed with his parents' portable cassette recorder. In the midst of playing and performing in experimental, blues, rock and jazz ensembles he studied experimental, electronic music and jazz guitar at the University of Iowa. He then graduated from Evergreen State College after completing recording, composition and performance studies. He now resides in Seattle, Washington, performing, composing and designing sound here and there.