The Telluride Flim Festival Sound Tracks:

+ Galaxy Theater preshow music and ambience sound collage: This piece and the accompanying video plays before and after festival movies. The music and ambience were composed in 5.1 surround and truly encapsulate the highly astetic surroundings of the venue and the theme of the theater which is a Leonardo DaVinci meets time and space travel. A vision of the future from past perspectives. The effect is hypnotic, relaxing, with a sence of potential excitement in the air.

See Images of The Galaxy Theater here at Garry Transue's site.

+Telluride Film 1 * Telluride Film 2 * Telluride Film 3 * Telluride Film 4 :(Music by Bill Wolford) Telluride Tributees Soundtracks. These four films are mainly photo collages of notable people whom the Telluride Film Festival has paid tribute to in the past. Each of the distinct soundtracks were composed to the finished collages. Though visually the films are very similar, the music helps to give or brings out the distinct "feel" of each piece.

+The Galaxy Theater Construction TimeLapse Film ( Music and Sound Effects by Bill Wolford) : Each year at Telluride Film Festival the Galaxy Theater is constructed out of a High School basketball court. The music adds humor with its off beat funky rhythms and a commentator whose voice was sampled from an album produced for the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair called "Man in Space with Sounds"

Australian Film Commision ARC Theater Preshow Samples:*

+ Waterleaf, + Flutexture, +Digital Aboriginal (Music composed by Bill Wolford. Video Composed by Garry Transue) : These clips were part of 11 pieces (45 minutes) of video art and sound composed for the Australian Film Commission's ARC theater "the new state-of-the-art venue at the National Film and Sound Archive. Arc’s sophisticated projection equipment screens movies in all formats, from cinema’s 19th century beginnings to its 21st century possibilities, and a unique pre-show program creates a special ambience with video art, soundscapes and lighting before every screening."

*The original piece was produced with High Definition video and 5.1 Surround Audio. The examples you see here don't really do justice but they give you a fraction of an idea.

Other Works

+ Microsoft Money 2002 (music and sound design by Bill Wolford) I created the music and sounds for this video as well as all the User Interface navigation sound design for the application itself as well as Microsoft Money 2000, 2001, 2003.

+Microsoft Games Header Demo :In 1998 I created the sound and music bed for this rough animation sample that was to be the main logo splash for Microsft Games. (Microsoft Legal cancelled it as it went against company policy to "mess" with the Microsoft Logo as seen in the video.)