A few recent projects that Bill is working on:

2016: working on some installation projects with Redmond Home Theater.

June 2015: Composing music and creating sound design for EZID a multimedia acrobatic dance performance at Cornish Playhouse in Seattle

Composing music and post production for a kundalini yoga and meditation series of apps and DVD's

Working on music for an hour long guided meditation program for Cheryl Jensen

April 2012 - finsihed music that will be a part of Kelly Howells creative meditation program

Yesod 2011 thru 2012- Recording and performing with Yesod. A psychedelic world music band featuring guest artists, including frequent appearances by Amy Denio. Weekly live recordings from Vivid Sound Studios can be found at Yesod.

April 2011: Audio lead on a Sesame Street Elmo music game on DS, Wii platforms.

November 2010: Beginning sound production for Shinobi for Sega for release on Nintendo 3DS

October 2010: In between game projects, finished some nice meditation music up for a client in Seattle.. Can listen here:

Have been collaborating with Krudish/Persian percusionist Ahmad on some new music still in the birthing process! Ahmad's website:

August 2010: Finishing work on a couple DS titles and a new music game for XBOX. check my resume for more info.

Jan 2010: Working on new original acoustic instrumental music and doing sound design on a few Nintendo DS projects for Griptonite.