“Bill Wolford’s magical meditation music creates
Julie Johnson of Law of Attraction Radio network says
OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know how much I so enjoy the meditation
I love your music.

Med Vibes Events Coming Up in 2016

Hello fellow Time/Space traveler!

There are some great Meditation Vibrations events coming up in the next few months in Seattle. Put the dates Feb. 22nd, March 9th, March 19th and April 16th on your calendar.

It’s been 3 years in the making and the new CD ofEnergy Alignment music is finally here!  To kick it off there will be a CD release and Med Vibes ‘Energy Bath’ group meditation, as part of the ‘Cosmic Cafe‘ series of presentations.

This special event will take place on Feburary 22nd,7 PM at Intraspace.  Be sure to bring what you need to be comfortable and relaxed sitting or laying down. (yoga mats, blankets, pillows, And remember to take a few minutes to ‘come down’ a bit before you drive home. :-))

$5 cover. CD’s available for $20
I encourage you to come even if you own MedVibe CD’s and have used them for yourself for a while.  The group experience is very powerful.

CD’s are available to order or download atwww.meditationvibrations.com

March 9th : William Wolford will be presenting his Energy Alignment Workshop/group meditation at Seattle Unity at 7pm
Participants will learn to align, ground and center their energy to increase energy and well being.
This will include lightly guided meditations with Med Vibes Energy Alignment music for an immersive, cleansing ‘energy bath’. Bring what you need to sit or lie down comfortably in meditation.
you will leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated and happy!

March 19th : William Wolford will be playing live along with a group of other sound healers for a Kundalini Yoga celebration of the Spring Equinox. Med Vibes Energy Alignment Music will be used as a backdrop to the sound bath!

April 16th : William Wolford will present his Energy Alignment Workshop (as described above) at East West Bookshop!
Be sure to register early!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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