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I love your music.

Forgive, Forget, Remember and Repeat

I was just listening to a radio show this morning about forgiveness. I’ve always struggled with this practice as it always seemed so patronizing in a weird way. Like ” I forgive you for hurting me”. Well…, OK maybe I was hurt, (and I am talking about emotional hurts not physical.) but you know we can be hurt by people and situations that have no intention, nor even the foggiest notion of hurting us.

Many times we choose to feel hurt, or the person or thing plays into our aura of victim-hood. I think we’ve all done this at times. So forgiveness in this circumstance seems like a nod from the Ego to forgive our unaware perpetrators. Seems stupid.

In the case above, there really is no forgiveness needed of other people or situations.
The only forgiveness that makes sense to me is the forgiveness of our selves. Forgiving the puny mind of the Ego and the Victim. Forgiving ourselves for falling prey to the insane roommate of our mind again. Forgiving just to let go of what ever we cannot control!

So back to this morning. I started to forgive everyone and everything knowing that it was/is a story made up by me and in forgiving these mirroring people and moments and situations I was forgiving myself.  It really felt good to forgive pollution, traffic, my x-wife, my perceived enemies and ‘people who judge me’ or that I compare myself to. Forgive Facebook, forgive the internet, forgive Trump….. The sky is the limit. Play with forgiveness.

It really felt good in my heart center to do this. It created a lot of freedom. Try it sometime!

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