“Bill Wolford’s magical meditation music creates
Julie Johnson of Law of Attraction Radio network says
OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know how much I so enjoy the meditation
I love your music.


Meditation Vibrations Testimonials

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“Bill Wolford’s magical meditation music creates a soothing space for deep restorative relaxation and rest.”-Kelly Howell, Founder of Brain Sync

”OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!  I am listening to it right now and the vibrations that are moving in and through me are incredible!!  I am receiving a DEEP complete transformative healing right now as I type!   Thank you for sharing this amazing gift!   Beautiful music!  Beautiful energy!”- Carol Longacre- Reiki Master

“Many thanks for creating a masterpiece that allows me to feel my vibrations being lifted.  Music from heaven, energy from Higgins.  Perfect match! “-Julie Johnson Law of Attraction Radio network

“Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know how much I so enjoy the meditation CD I purchased from you. A very soothing and sweet CD. Thank you so very much.”-SC

”I love your music. I listen to the albums a lot.

They help me to relax in my everyday life.

Also I feel that I’m able to connect to some cosmic energy, which is new to me.

Sometimes I get, like a high from the music at certain points and like there’s a light behind my eyelids…amazing. What’s your secret?

Thanks a lot for the music. I hope you’ll release more

of this style. Light and best wishes.”

-Rasmus from Faroe Islands.

I have incorporated it into my intentional spiritual practice… It is soothing and I am currently seeking strategies to help me deal with high levels of anxiety situational to a specific issue I have currently especially at work.-Melanie G.

Wow, wow wow!

Love what you’ve done. I’m taking them with me to NY on my ipod and

will call you. I’m on Energy now.

Look forward to chatting with you this week.

This music works even without the frequencies. Can’t wait to see how

they work together.


Kelly Howell


Testimonials from a Med Vibes Event

“Very enjoyable, felt loads of energy, moving, penetrating, uplifting. I actually had physical sensations in my body. It has been a long time since I had experience anything like this from so-called ‘new age’ music. I usually don’t comment on the events…but I had to on this one –james p.

Cosmic Cafe Link     “Woke up at 5am today. Still feeling full of energy”Jon

I just wanted to share about how amazing the group meditations have been recently. with theEnergy Alignment Music I advertised the East West bookshop appearances but the last one was for the Cosmic Cafe Meetup group.
It was eventful to say the least as one participant fully had some energy centers being blown wide open. Albeit, she was definitely ripe for the experience, but let’s just say I know how Bernie Sanders might have felt at his last appearance in Seattle. haha! Only it being a much more positive experience.
I will leave you with some more testimonials. Soon I will be sharing some of my recent insights on consciousness, energy and music! 
“Great vibes!!” – Susan M.

“I’ve been in a group setting twice now, listening to this music, and the energy has been amazing both times. Looking forward to listening to the CD!”Christine R.

“Thank you for a powerful, transformational evening” – Deni L.

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