“Bill Wolford’s magical meditation music creates
Julie Johnson of Law of Attraction Radio network says
OMG!  Is all I have got to say about your music right now!
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know how much I so enjoy the meditation
I love your music.



About William Wolford and Energy Alignment Music

William is a professional musician and performer, a Reiki Master, an Access Consciousness  BARS facilitator, 20 year yoga practitioner and practices Vipassana Meditation.

Energy Alignment music is not ordinary “new age” “relaxation music”.

The instrumental tracks are composed with a silent but ‘felt’ intentional energy track as their basis.  The energy was channeled by Cheryl Jensen and recorded by Wolford using special digital recording equipment.  Cheryl channels very high vibrational being energy and the energy tracks have been verified via professional kinesiologists and other energy workers as being very very high on the vibrational charts.  The energy templates that were recorded work dynamically with each individual or group as it activates the help of high energy non-physical beings working with the individuals personal spirit guides.

This music is a tool that can be used to facilitate meditative states, altered states of consciousness or to just relax. It can be used as a sleep aid as well as being played in your car to ease tension. It is a powerful aid in fung shui or to use in smudging your house of unwanted energies.  Your pets will love it too!

Cheryl Jensen askihiggins.com created the energetic underlay that inspired and energizes most of the tracks in the Energy Alignment music that William Wolford composes. The basic energy ‘tracks’ recorded with Cheryl are expanded upon and expressed through the music that creates a nice container within which to tap into and align with ones own vibrational source energy.

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